Loan Requirements / In-house Details :

Generally; if you have decent credit, you will get your best rates and terms thru your Bank or Credit Union. First and foremost make sure they are willing to finance commercial vehicles.

Age, Mileage and Value Restrictions may apply) The actual market value of these vehicles (given the exceptional conditions and often $2k-$10k worth of equipment) will usually be more than what your lender will loan, you will have to come up with the difference in the form of a down payment. See your lender for details.

*Vehicle Values are highly subjective relative to Condition & Options.

We accept visa / master card / Discover - (No Amex) for partial/down payments. 
3% processing fee applies.

For people with special financing needs - we offer In-House financing:

Our In-house loans are
short term = 12 to 18 months

Heavy down payments = 35% - 50%
down will be required

*Monthly payments start from $495 
we do not offer $350/$400/$450 payments


The documentation that you will need to provide us prior to taking delivery of the vehicle is as follows:

- Current Valid Drivers License

Full coverage insurance on the vehicle being purchased - lienholder must be listed 

- Proof of residence  - Utility Bill/Official Mail in your name to your address

Proof of income - 2 most recent paystubs or 2 most recent bank statements

Phone bill - all pages

- Bankruptcies - We will need proof of discharge or dismissal. A letter of permission from the court is also acceptable.

* Additional information may be requested from the lender

All loans will be given to individuals only, we do not nor does any of our lenders give loans to businesses, we give loans to the owner of the business based on their personal credit. There is no such thing as business credit.

~ We do not finance diesel vehicles ~

Prior to scheduling an appointment be sure to email or fax over these documents, this will help us make sure that you have everything you need to actually obtain the loan prior to coming in. (If we do not have all documentation, you will not be able to take delivery of the vehicle)

Fax:  702-227-9228

All In-house contracts will require a GPS Tracking Device ...  *fee applies