We offer three powerful commercial lenders to supply loans for our commercial customers.  Each of them is highly qualified  to assist you in accomplishing your goals. 
(1099 recipients may qualify, contact us for details)

Obtaining a loan will assist you in expanding your fleet & business comfortably.

The lenders we have offer 100% loans / $0 dollars down - no payments for up to 90 days, oac*

Please NoteOnce you have selected a vehicle & agree to finance terms, we will require a $1,000 deposit to take the vehicle off of the market while the loan finalizes; document processing thru the lender, (usually 2-4 business days). This deposit can be applied to the loan or be refunded to you once the vehicle is funded.

Commercial Vehicle Loans

Low Rate Leaders 

In 2015 over 90% of U.S. Construction Businesses financed their used equipment - Why? Because it enabled them to grow, expand, and replace equipment to Win Bids on jobs and make $$$ right away.  Our lenders were created to make financing on Cargo Vans, Utility Trucks & Work Trucks with one goal in mind - easy to get low rates. Request a No Obligation 
Free Quote to see their low monthly rates and payment terms. Get the equipment you need today with low rate financing.

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      Simple. Fast. Effective.
  • Dollar Amount– $5,000 – $5,000,000
  • Rates - Lowest In U.S.  Unbeatable.
  • Options - 90 Day No Pay.  $0 Down. Seasonal Payments.
  • Build Business Credit– Structure the note through your company,  not your personal name.

When you choose to finance or lease your fleet vehicles:

  • Your precious cash can be used to cover  other expenses or investments
  • You can still take advantage Section 179 Tax Write off
  • Your company can bid bigger jobs and win better contracts
  • Your budget for maintenance costs or repairs drops significantly

Thru our powerful commercial lenders... We make it easy to get the vehicles and  financing your business needs. Let them get you the vehicles you need now. 

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Congratulations towards taking the next step in purchasing your fleet vehicle(s).   

Please Note;
We the dealer, will not be pulling your credit report. Once you submit this form, we will get in contact with you right away - and based your application we will link you up with an ideal commercial lender given your unique circumstances. At that time you will provide the lender with the basic info required to process your commercial loan. Thank you for submitting your credit application, be sure to read over the website very carefully. We will contact you shortly!

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