We have 3 POWERFUL LENDING SOLUTIONS to finance our commercial customers. Use their money to make you money and grow your business effectively!

Due to the standards we demand every time, there are only a limited amount of  turn-key - "affix your logo on and go" commercial vehicles available annually in the market place. Each and every one of our offered units is in perfect physical & mechanical condition, plus they are already equipped with what you need to be successful. Stay ahead of the curve -
Buy Yours Today!

On our
Finance Tab - we offer three Powerful Lending Solutions to assist you in getting the fleet vehicles you need to grow your business, while holding on to your working capital.

Fabulously located in beautiful Las Vegas, NV

Conveniently situated just five minutes from the airport &
one mile from the world famous strip.
Over 98% of our vehicles are sold to Out of State buyers. We treat our out of state buyers to free airport pick up, hotel stay & buffet at a luxurious Las Vegas strip resort. Whether you have your new vehicle shipped to your front door or fly in, we know how to smoothly get your new vehicle to you, nationwide


Thinking of flying in?

Watch this two minute promo video so you know what to expect. Our inventory page features a High Def Video Tour of each of the vehicles that we have available.


The internet and technology has truly revolutionized every market place, commercial vehicle sales included. We've come to the realization that with the internet a large traditional car lot on a main street is no longer necessary. Marketing to a nation of consumers allows us to focus only on quality, not quantity.

This site is designed to answer most all questions.

The vehicles advertised are sold thru this site for incredible "
No Haggle" prices. Don't waste hours to get to the bottom line. We will lay it all out for you, up front ... in just seconds.

Read our how to buy tab for info on how to purchase a commercial vehicle from our carefully selected and heavily inspected former fleet inventory.

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