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For your peace of mindThis website is updated several times daily for accuracy. Our inventory is comprised of the cleanest, former fleet maintained, commercial vehicles in the nation.

   We are located in fabulous Las Vegas, NV

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Over 98% of our vehicles are sold to
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The internet and technology has
truly revolutionized every market place, commercial vehicle sales included. We've come to the realization that with the internet a large traditional car lot on a main street is no longer necessary.

We specialize in
unique, like new, high quality, low mile, well equipped, formerly fleet maintained - 
commercial vehicles.

This site is designed
to answer most all questions. 

The vehicles are advertised accurately and sold thru this site for incredible "
No Haggle" prices
Stop wasting hours of your time to get to the bottom line.  We completely lay it out upfront, in seconds.

Simply Read our how to buy tab for info on how to purchase a commercial vehicle from our carefully selected and heavily inspected former fleet inventory.

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