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The internet has truly revolutionized every market place,
commercial vehicle sales included. We've come to the realization that
with the internet, a large traditional car lot on a main street is
no longer necessary.

We specialize in unique, difficult to find commercial vehicles,
advertise them accurately and sell them at " No Haggle Prices."
Stop wasting hours of your time to get to the bottom line,  
we completely lay it out upfront, in seconds. 


1)  ALL SALES ARE BY APPOINTMENT -  We are located in an enclosed, gated facility on the south west side of town.

     - This means that we 
DO NOT take offers.

3)  NEED FINANCING ? - Simply fill out an application by selecting the CREDIT APPLICATION  tab on this website. This way we can provide you with exact down payment and monthly payments specific to you and your vehicle of interest... Prior to even coming in !

4)  PAYING CASH ? - PRIOR to scheduling your appointment, we will send you an email containing the  " Out the Door " figure for the vehicle you are interested in. Simply, let us know which state you are registering your new vehicle in.
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 Be sure to read our payment methods tab.

5)  USING FUNDS FROM YOUR LENDER/BANK ? - PRIOR to scheduling your appointment, be sure the vehicle you are interested in qualifies within the parameters of the lender you wish to use. For example; the year, miles or OTD price might not qualify for what you are trying to accomplish ... 


* PLEASE NOTE: Banks generally do not allow for increased
loan value
due to the specialized equipment that most of these vans/utility trucks posse
ss; ( Ladder Racks, Bins, Bulkheads, A/C units, Generators, Inverters, Mats, Lighting, Utility Boxes, Etc... ) Banks also do not take into account the intense reconditioning that we put each and every one of these vans thru or the extensive transportation costs to get these vehicles to the Las Vegas area. Generally, you will have to compensate for this fact, in the form of down payment or alternative financing. We do accept credit cards for amounts above what the bank will finance.



Also, be sure the bank understands that we are a Licensed Independent Dealer, not a Private Party or Franchised Dealer...  
WE UNDERSTAND... some of the vehicles we sell, will not qualify with many conventional lenders due to the commercial nature of the vehicles or year, mileage and unrealistic loan values.

So, regardless of whether or not your bank approves...  

6)  NO TRADE-INS  - We are an  " Out Bound Only " Operation. We recommend that you sell your trade-in to CARMAX. In most cases they offer as much or more than any other dealer will for your trade. They will make you a written offer that is good for 7 days ... They will buy your trade whether you purchase from them or not !

7)  ODOMETER MILEAGE  - A QUICK COMMENT - THE VAST MAJORITY of the people who inquire about vehicles are FIXATED on two items; THE PRICE, THE ODOMETER READING and NOTHING ELSE !!

We RARELY hear;

- What
condition is the vehicle in ?   

How was the vehicle used ?   

- Was it a former fleet vehicle with a
strict fleet maintenance program

- City or Highway Miles ? 

- Was the vehicle
regularly maintained

- How's the
engine, trans, air... etc ? 

- Were the previous owners
We purchase our inventory with 
decades of experience & comprehend exactly what to look for when spotting a quality vehicle. We never base our purchases on ODOMETER MILES or PRICE, we remain focused on CONDITION.


Look at this article from CONSUMER REPORTS about odometer miles: 


Ford F250 w/ 5.4L:

Chevy G3500: http://youtu.be/c_Ou5vRTW90

In conclusion, odometer mileage is not the holy grail of a vehicle purchase, CONDITION IS !!

8)  BOOK VALUE  -  A BIT OF INSIGHT - Today, there are
6 major  " players/books "...  they purport the ability to value every vehicle in the market place. Ironically, none of these master valuators actually buy or sell vehicles themselves !  Their calculations are not in lock-step with the " REAL WORLD " activity of true market place values relative to actual supply & demand...    Which book do you believe?   Does it even matter?  In conclusion all vehicle values are highly subjective.

Ever heard of
SUPPLY VS. DEMAND or CONDITON VS. CONDITION ? All vehicles of the same make/model may be created equal, BUT... CONDITION changes drastically over time via the owners, climate, maintenance etc...  If you can't find what you are looking for, in the condition you want, (REGARDLESS OF THE FABRICATED $$ AMT. IN A BOOK), THEN... all that is left is what is ACTUALLY PRESENT IN THE MARKET PLACE ! The crux in the equation is that LOW COST JUNK is offset by HIGH COST REPAIR BILLS or a BRAND NEW VEHICLE that is immediately HEAVILY DEPRECIATED the second you drive it off the lot ! 

So, somewhere in between lies the


---->    CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT NOW !! ... to view a chat from EDMUNDS.COM about vehicle values... Read it for yourself & decide !

9)  GUARDIAN WARRANTY - EXTENDED COVERAGE -  We offer extended warranties from 6 months up to 4 years, available on most vehicles*. Click the brochure below for details. Pricing depends on the vehicle, term & coverage level, ask for details.     CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE ABOUT GUARDIAN

   Request a "live video walk around" of the vehicle you are interested in and we will get it to you ASAP !!

Come fly to  Las Vegas !

Thanks to the internet,  a " Jaw Dropping " 98 %  of ALL monthly sales are from " out of state "... We would like to encourage you to hop on a plane and buy your next vehicle from us,  IF YOU DO* ...
We will pick you up at the airport, put you up in a room at
and even treat you to a

If you would like your new vehicle shipped right to your driveway, let us know... we can set you up with a
First Class Shipping Company to do just that !!

1(866) 666-7266
We accept all Major Credit / Debit Cards*


*restrictions & fees may apply

We look forward to assisting you !


Attention ALL Local Las Vegas Customers :


You must have
ALL DUCKS in a row prior to scheduling an appointment. Funds available or Loans approved ahead of time. 

We run a streamlined operation and do not have time for
Lookie Loos and Tire Kickers.

Maximum of 2 decision makers at the time of the scheduled appointment.

No third party inquiries, we want to deal with the actual purchaser.

Per Item #4 above on this Home Page, you must bring the email you receive from us, containing the " OTD  " figure to your appointment.

- This eliminates any type of confusion. - 

We absolutely
DO NOT conduct business like any other dealer in the country. We follow the protocol set forth on this website 100 % of the time.

We are




 10) NV Dealer # 000029182 Disclaimer Section - *Prices do not include additional fees and costs of closing, including government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer documentation fees, any emissions testing fees or gps/loan maintenance fees. All prices, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. All vehicles are sold as is by the dealer, in most cases extended warranties can be purchased at additional cost. Hotel & Buffet accommodations are contingent on the purchase of a vehicle, a deposit must be placed prior to your appointment in order to reserve you a room, (2 days in advance minimum). All vehicles are sold as equipped - we do not switch, add or remove items/equipment on these vehicles. We do not guarantee the operation of generators, invertors, operation / existence of keys to bins & bulkheads or any specialty item that may be included in our vehicles. PLEASE NOTE: 1 MILE " CODE " = OVER 130K PLUS, FLEET MAINTAINED MILES, read individual ad carefully for more information. UhyghjhcfHJDGLJGDjlsgjSHKJHKHKJHKHJGH,FGH Our conventional lenders have loan rates starting at 5.9% for excellent credit, preferred year model & odometer mileage, with no existing auto loans... up to 24.9% for sub-prime & in-house loans for Bad Credit, existing open auto loan, short term loans or other extenuating circumstances. *$1995 down delivers today specials will require additional cash down within 30 days (determined by vehicle and applicants credit), oac*. Payment amount and term also determined by vehicle and applicants credit, oac*.   Bankruptcies must be either discharged, dismissed, a letter of permission from the bk court is also acceptable. In-house financing requires 25 - 35% down, oac*. Read our Buy Here Pay Here Tab for minimum monthly payments. All loans will be given to individuals only, we do not nor does any of our lenders give loans to businesses, we give loans to the owner of the business based on their personal credit. There is no such thing as business credit. Nevada state fees; sales tax, smog & title fee, will NOT be charged to "out of state buyers"... Credit Card Payments; 3% processing fee will apply. We must hold the vehicle until the funds clear our account (1 - 3 days avg) - Plan ahead. OAC* = on approved credit. Bank to Bank Wire Transfers; please read our PAYMENT METHODS TAB very closely. Deposits: hold the vehicle you want by placing a minimum $500 (non refundable) deposit or $100 per day for the amount of time you need the vehicle held. For example 7 days = $700 or 12 days = $1200. This way you can take the vehicle you need off of the market today. We accept credit cards for deposits.

We do not discount our prices under any circumstance, including multiple vehicle purchases.