We are currently working on adding the ability to receive deposits thru our website. In the meantime, in order to place a deposit, send us an email thru the contact us tab with the name, address and phone number that you would like for us to use on the credit card authorization and purchase documents. Below is our deposit policy.

You are able to secure the vehicle you would like to purchase by placing a minimum $1,000 (Non-refundable, *
Fully transferable) deposit or $100 per day for the amount of time you need the vehicle held. For example 7 days = $1000 or 12 days = $1200. This way you can take the vehicle you need off of the market today.

Once a deposit is received, your vehicle(s) of choice will be marked as sold on our website.

Fully transferable = your deposit will hold a specific vehicle for you... if you decide on a different vehicle in our inventory, 100% of your deposit will be transferred to the new vehicle you've decided on. 


We only accept the forms of payment stated below. 

Bank to Bank wire transfers
- (Preferred; easy & safe). These can ONLY be conducted Mon - Fri, before 1 pm pst. Weekends excluded.

Prior to coming in - Request our wire information along with the exact OTD amount and bring it with you in person to your bank to PRE ARRANGE the transfer, most banks WILL NOT wire funds without an in person request and signature before hand.

You DO NOT have to wire funds prior to meeting with us and viewing/driving the vehicle, simply arrange it so that when you do decide to purchase you'll only need to make a quick phone call to your banker. The funds must post to our account prior to the vehicle leaving our lot. Be sure to leave enough time (before noon) to transfer in case you want to leave in the same day. If for any reason the wire doesn't go thru on the transfer day, the vehicle will be unable to leave.
If you are a Las Vegas business with a local Nevada check, or locally drawn cashiers check, no problem... however, we will have to hold the vehicle until the funds clear our account. (FUNDS USUALLY CLEAR OVERNIGHT).

Wells Fargo Banking customers - We bank with Wells Fargo, if you also bank with Wells Fargo than all we have to do is give you our bank account information and amount - these transfers can be done immediately and cost free. We have a Wells Fargo a block away, so... once you inspect the vehicle you'd like to purchase. We can go to Wells Fargo and complete the transfer. 

We accept cash ... However, for cash payments over $10,000 you will be required to fill out the  IRS FORM 8300 click here to view

We accept credit cards VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER (No Amex) ... for deposits, down payments & monthly payments. No fee applies to deposits up to $2000 - *3% processing fee applies on all CC payments exceeding $2000.


*Credit Card purchases;  we must hold the vehicle until the funds clear our bank account, once the funds have cleared our account the vehicle will be released - Plan Ahead. Usually 24-48 hours, weekends excluded

Cashiers Checks are a "no no" - we've been advised by our banker, not to accept cashiers checks. Below you will find two links that will explain why we do not accept cashiers checks.


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