We are required by The State of Nevada's Dept of Taxation to collect sales tax from all Nevada residents at the current local tax rate of 8.25%.

If you are not a Nevada resident and will not be using the vehicle in the state of Nevada we will not be required to collect sales tax as long as we get a completely filled out, notarized
 Affidavit of Purchaser and proof of your residence out of state. This affidavit includes the purchasers name, address, drivers license #, social security # and signature. If the vehicle is being registered to a business, then we will need the form filled out by a principle of that business with the principles personal information.  You will have to pay sales tax to your state when you register the vehicle, within 15 days of purchase. This affidavit will be held on file for the Nevada Dept of Taxation to justify why sales tax was not collected from you. We will give you a 15 day drive away permit to get to your state and register. If you do not provide sufficient proof of an out of state residence along with all info on the Affidavit of Purchaser, we will have to collect Nevada sales tax.

Tax Exempt = NV Registered Non Profits :

We will need verifiable documentation prior to our appointment with you. Non Profits - this means in advance of our appointment with you, we will need the tax exemption letter from the State of Nevada, this is separate from the federal 501 c 3- that the federal government issues, without proof of a NV Tax exempt status - sales tax will be charged.

Fax exemption proof to 702-227-9228 or email it to


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