This page was set up to answer our most frequently asked questions. Be sure to read item #'s 1 - 10 and pay careful attention to the items that apply to your situation. Once you've read this page over, send an email to us on the Contact Us Tab located on this site and we will assist you immediately.



ALL SALES ARE BY APPOINTMENT - We are located in an enclosed, gated facility on the southwest side of Las Vegas, NV. Conveniently, only 5 minutes from the Las Vegas McCarran Airport and 1 Mile from the World Famous Strip. 

OUR PRICES ARE - "ONE PRICE, NO HAGGLE"  - This means that we do not take offers.

PAYING CASH - Prior to scheduling your appointment, we will send you an email containing the  "Out the Door" figure for the vehicle you are interested in. Simply, let us know which state you are registering your new vehicle in.


NEED FINANCING ? -  We now have three (3) different lenders to supply commercial loans for your necessary fleet vehicles. 1099 recipients may qualify.
Our lenders have access to subprime and prime loans. Easy, headache free approvals. Go to our Finance Your Fleet Vehicle page for Details.

5) USING FUNDS FROM YOUR LENDER BANK? -  Prior to scheduling your appointment, be sure the vehicle you are interested in qualifies within the parameters of the lender you wish to use. For example; the year, miles or OTD price might not qualify for what you are trying to accomplish ... You must have a pre approved status from your lender on a specific vehicle in our inventory prior to scheduling an appointment. We will happily provide you with the necessary Bill of Sale & Odometer Statement the lender will require in order to provide you with an accurate vehicle specific approval.

PLEASE NOTE: Conventional Banks/Lenders generally do not allow for increased loan value due to the specialized equipment that most of these vehicles possess; Ladder Racks, Bins, Bulkheads, A/C units, Generators, Inverters, Mats, Lighting, Utility Boxes, Overhead Lighting, Etc.

Most conventional banks/lenders do not take into account the intense reconditioning that we put into each and every one of these vehicles or the extensive transportation costs to get these vehicles to the Las Vegas area. Generally, you will have to compensate for this fact in the form of down payment.

Be sure the bank understands that we are a Licensed Independent Dealer, not a Private Party or Franchised Dealer.  

WE UNDERSTAND... Due to the commercial nature of our vehicles, model year, mileage or unrealistic bank loan values, some of the vehicles we sell will not qualify with many conventional lenders.



(commercial applicants only).

NO TRADE INS  - We are an "Out bound only" operation. We recommend that you sell your vehicle to CarMax. With their purchasing power they offer top "trade-in" dollar for most vehicles. They will make you a written offer good for 7 days. They will buy your vehicle weather you purchase from them or not. 

do not buy vehicles nor do we take special orders or requests. We only sell the inventory that we are offering on this site. 

 ODOMETER MILES - The vast majority of the people who inquire about vehicles are fixated on two items: The Price and the odometer reading. 

We are rarely asked about the vehicles: condition, former use, whether it was a former fleet w/ strict maintenance, value of included equipment, mechanical condition, how neat or slob like the former owners were... etc. 
We purchase our inventory with decades of experience & comprehend exactly what to look for when seeking top quality. We never base our purchases on odometer miles or price, we remain focused on condition.

If you think 100k miles is high ... Click on this
 CONSUMER REPORTS link about odometer miles and the importance of maintenance.

Here are a couple links to videos of commercial vehicles with over 1,000,000 miles;

Ford F250 w/ 5.4L

Chevy G3500

In conclusion, odometer mileage is not the holy grail of a vehicle purchase, condition is. 

BOOK VALUE  A BIT OF INSIGHT - Today, there are 6 major "Players/books" - They purport the ability to value every vehicle in the market place. Ironically, none of these master valuators actually buy or sell vehicles themselves !  Their calculations are not in lock-step with the "Real world" activity of true market place values relative to actual supply & demand...   

Which book do you believe?  Does it even matter? 

In conclusion all vehicle values are highly subjective.

Ever heard of Supply VS. Demand or Condition VS. Condition

All vehicles of the same make/model may be created equal, but... condition changes drastically over time via the owners, climate, maintenance etc...  If you can't find what you are looking for, in the condition you want, (Regardless of the fabricated $$ amount in a book), then... all that is left is what is actually present in the market place! The crux in the equation is that low cost junk is offset by high cost repair bills or a brand new vehicle that is immediately heavily depreciated the second you drive off the lot! 

So, somewhere in between lies the "TRUE VALUE"... think about it!     

Plus the specialty vehicles that we offer generally include thou$and$ in value of updates and equipment that are not taken into consideration by standard "value guides."

CLICK THIS LINK - to view a chat from Edmunds about vehicle values. 

 GUARDIAN WARRANTY - EXTENDED COVERAGE -  We offer extended warranties from 6 months up to 4 years, *available on most vehicles. Pricing depends on the vehicle, term & coverage level, contact us for details. Vehicles are sold As-Is from the dealer.   Click here for more info 



Thanks to the internet, a
jaw dropping 98% of our monthly sales are to out of state buyers. We would like to encourage you to hop on a plane and buy your next vehicle from us. IF YOU DO* We will pick you up at the airportprovide you with a room at a gorgeous resort on the Las Vegas Strip* and even treat you to a First Class Buffet* !

we are a quick 5 minute drive from the airport)

Many of our clients opt to have their vehicles shipped right to their front door. Visit our shipping tab for details.

We have vans and trucks being shipped out of state weekly.


We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover*
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