The majority of our vehicles end up being driven or shipped to our many "
Out of State" clients ...

MONTWAY.COM  is the number one broker in the nation. Given the nature of brokering vehicles being shipped, there will always be the possibility for price bumps and delays.. With that said, we have had a great amount of luck with Montway locating truckers for us. We are completely not affiliated.   

MONTWAY.COM or (888)666-8929


USHIP.COM is another option to receive quotes for shipping from multiple trucking companies. There is generally a longer lag time, due to the time you spend waiting for an auction. The final quote isn't free from the possibility of the trucker retracting.

These companies are brokers that line up truckers w/ vehicles to ship, their quotes are based on averages, it is not uncommon for them to quote and then come back with a $100 - $200 bump in price given the size & potential roof racks or the realities of what the truckers are charging for the route. This doesn't happen every time, but frequently enough to mention here.

We, the dealer are not affiliated personally with any shipping companies and do not arrange shipping, these are simply companies that will ship for you. We assume zero responsibility for anything other than handing the vehicle over to the company you contract to ship your vehicle. There are many shipping companies available to you. These just happen to be a couple we are familiar with. Shipping times/dates from these companies are usually not IMMEDIATE and are subject to changes and delays.

We always recommend an in person inspection. The dealer is not a transport company, if you opt to have your vehicle transported, any damage that occurs while in transit is strictly between you the buyer and the trucking company. Period. The dealer does not get involved in transport damage claims. 

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